New Year, New Life?

Hey Dolls,

So, its that time of year again when we all, regardless of what you say, try to better ourselves. This is a chance to ‘try again’ as some may put it. I have thoroughly enjoyed 2018. Plenty of amazing blessings happened to me.

It’s definitely safe to say I have had a wonderful year but… it is time to take it to the next level.

I have high hopes for this year including qualifying in my first year at law school. Creating a youtube channel and bringing out my very own clothing line. Not to mention travelling as much as I can (bearing in mind I have a full-time job). Luckily though I will be venturing out to two cities in January alone (New York and London).

2018 has been such a wonderful year and I am so looking forward to the commencement of 2019 that I just cannot contain myself. I have secured myself a really great team who are willing to help me with all my plans this year. As you can see, I am going to find it very hard to fit this all into one year but its something to aim for. In many ways, 2018 has been a year of new beginnings and I am so thrilled to see what 2018 has to hold.

Let us take a look at some of the great things that happened this year:

  • I managed to gain 3 A Levels in Law, English Literature and Art/Photography. this concluded and completed my time at King Edwards VI, Stourbridge.
  • I secured a new career within the legal profession at Mortimer Solicitors, Bridgnorth.
  • I moved out of my family home and into my very own caravan.
  • I got engaged to my lovely fiance!
  • I secured my place for further education with Cilex, further enhancing my career prospects.
  • I have attended numerous cases in court in order to further my knowledge in my job.
  • I completed my very first pageant and travelled to Liverpool to do so.
  • I have collaborated with numerous companies from across the world in regard to my modelling.

There have been so many more things that have happened in 2018 that have shaped my life for the better and I know every year we have a chance to start over which is an exciting thought in itself, I wish this year to take everything I have learnt and use it to the best of my ability into the glorious New Year of 2019!

I hope truly, that 2019 will be as prosperous and thrilling as 2018 for me but also all of my family, friends and followers.

Have a great year!

Love, S x



Hello there Dolls,

Sometimes I can’t explain and sometimes I don’t want to.


“The discovery of Self” – Tishk Barzanji

Sometimes I think and wonder how it is quite possible to be both on the inside and outside of situations. To be able to see and hear things adequately but to not have a vision nor understanding of what is actually going on.

Often it is, that I stand and stare both thinking of common things like the weather and what’s for lunch but also the meaning of life and what happens when you die. It’s thoughts like these that make me nervous. I’d rather be questioning my existence than thinking about what I’ll eat today. It’s strange to know that perhaps others think and feel this way too. Do they know I think of the depths of this world? That I question logic and morals of those we look up to, those we idolise.

Do sometimes we take things too far if we know they’re wrong purely because we know they’re wrong. After all, who is it that decides what is wrong and what is right. Do we decide such things based on our religions, our morals, what society deem to be appropriate, the laws of our land, how our parents have brought us up?

I was taught if I had a problem that I should work backwards in order to solve that dilemma. But no one told me what to do should I have a question with no answer? Is the process similar? In the question, do I have my answers. Or does it not work that way?

There are so many questions that fill this world, that people wonder about. So much that is unanswered and sometimes I think that can get on top of us as humans and make us stressed and fatigued. Many a time have I questioned why things have not worked out so well and why things didn’t go another way. I wonder about what has been and what is to come. interestingly, this way, we end up worrying about things twice. Once after they’ve happened and once before they do. It is very rare that we focus on the here and now and I believe that if more people were able to focus on whats happening right now rather than the unseen future or the buried past then we would all be much happier.

I stand by the decision that I believe knowledge is power and the more you know the richer you are. But knowing something and thinking something are two very different things and sometimes its hard to distinguish between the two as often what we think comes from what we feel and feelings are far stronger and louder than fact. It is also often hard to fathom the difference between what you hope and what is real. Some things you wish would be so much that the become almost real to you and you have to take a step back and question what is going on. What is real. This is called grounding and its crucial to each and every one of our mental wellbeing.

I hoped I would star writing this blog post and it would end up being something interesting and even have a point to it. It doesn’t, so then I had to try and find a reason for you guys to actually read this, so I did. The definition of the word ‘blog’ given provided to us by Collins English Dictionary is: ‘A journal or diary written for public viewing on a website and consisting typically of personal reflections…’ it goes on, but I picked this part as it justifies my ramble of, well, I guess conscious thoughts? So, this is one of those that doesn’t fit into a bracket nor can you put a label on it. It is a collection of thoughts strung together by my own mind on a lonely day when I don’t have much else to do. Welcome to my mind!

Love, S X

Vegan Candle Making Workshop with Mothers Goodies, Bridgnorth.

Hello Darlings,

I was recently invited to a candle making workshop, due to being vegan I was apprehensive about this as most candles are created at the expense of at least one poor animal. However, my good friend Annie (and work mom) assured me they were soy wax and therefore vegan. I decided this wasn’t an opportunity I wanted to miss, especially so close to Christmas. nothing says Christmas like the warm scent and crackle of a candle, and with that, I was sold.

Mothers Goodies is located at 1a Waterloo Terrace/Castle Terrace, Bridgnorth, WV16 4EG. A wonderful family run business that is led by the lovely Dawn Jones. It is clear that the family is the heart and soul of this unique little business.

The finished product. Can you guess which is mine?
Finding a jar and suitable candle wick.
Colouring your candle, ensuring the temperature is correct.
After colouring its time to fragrance your candle, I chose black cherry and Annie picked the pine scent. 
It is time to pour the mixture into your chosen container. Make sure the container is heat proof. this is also where the process can go very wrong. Be sure to pour consistently and not too fast or too slow. Stirrer sticks work great to keep your wick in place while you’re pouring. 
Now the candle is filled, it will begin to set quickly so ensure your wick is central.
Using the stirrer I centralise my wick and begin to consider decorations.
As you can see, the candle already begins to set as I am decorating it and what better way to decorate than with glitter!
You can never have too much glitter…
Finally, my candle is set, decorated and ready to take home. this took less than 2 hours to complete and was infinitely fun. I can’t wait to do it again sometime. 
Mine and Annies packed up candles ready to show off to all who visit our houses! Proud is an understatement. 
The finished product. One green pine scented, gold and silver glittered candle and one peachy pink, white glitter candle. WE DID IT!

Don’t forget darlings, you can book your very own vegan soy candle making class here at Mothers Goodies with the both lovely and talented Dawn:

I would absolutely recommend to do a candle workshop as there is just SO much you can learn. It’s a great way to bond with the ones you love and enjoy something creative and eco friendly.

If you would like more detail or information on how to make candles at home by yourself then please feel free to contact me on my email or message me, I’ll try and help! Alternatively, sign yourself up for a candle making workshop. After all, you’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain!

Love, S x

What to read: November Edition.

Hello Darlings,

I have decided to do this blog even though it lost on the votes. I think it is important we read as I am a strong believer that knowledge is power and let us be honest… there’s nothing like picking up a crisp new book and taking it everywhere with you to submerge yourself into foreign galaxies and fall in love with fictional characters.  So, I have put together a couple of books, one for each week of October that I love almost in memory of my English literature A level which I thoroughly enjoyed. With that my little bookworms, we shall explore…

The first book:

Without a doubt the most gorgeous and thought-provoking novel of almost all time. This novel is so carefully thought through that it indicates works of a pure genius. Fitzgeralds ability to understand human perspectives from male and female, rich and poor is phenomenal. Fitzgerald has many good books and small notes however I believe this is his finest hour!

F – Scott Fitzgerald’s – The Great Gatsby.

The second book:

‘Stargirl’ was recommended by a beautiful fairy friend of mine. this modernized book set in the present day is truly astounding. Focusing on the brutality of modern day life including social pressures and bullying through school. This book with its wonderful words brought me to my knees and I ended up finishing it in two days. Well, what can I say? I was hooked.

Jerry Spinelli -Stargirl.

The third;

My most loved and treasured author of all time Sylvia Plath’s the glorious ‘Bell Jar’, never have I connected with a book quite like this I truly believe it was literally written for and about me. It is genius and unapologetically real. There is speculation that it has biographical contents of Plath’s life. The whole book is amazing. It is my all time favorite and one I can read over and over again.

Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar.

The fourth and final book for October:

Matt Haig – Reasons To Stay Alive.

An astounding read. one which indefinitely changed my life. an easy read about Mr. Haig’s experiences with mental health and equally physical health. It is important to read other peoples struggles if they resonate with yourself.

I don’t want to give too much away by telling you what each book is about in great detail however, you most definitely should invest in these books as they are truly my October favourites!


Love, S x

Blood is thicker than water but ice is more solid than blood when times get cold.y

Hello Darlings,

This one is for those who dip off in hard times. Friends, family, neighbours, teachers. Anyone who has left you to your own devices when you needed them probably the most. Sometimes it is easier for people to walk away than it is to help you and your cause. This can often leave you feeling guilty and inadequate. Often, this actually has nothing to do with you and is, in fact, a reflection of others. You have to sometimes come to terms with the facts that not everyone is built as strong as you. This can be increasingly hard-hitting but never something that should slow you or your recovery down.

When someone you love knocks you down its 100% worse than when anyone else does. It’s important to remember that you’re growing and just because somebody has something to say doesn’t necessarily mean that they are correct regardless of age, sex or gender. Often we have a perception that family is a positive thing sometimes this is not the case. There are even times when your family may possibly feel like your worst enemies. This doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have SOMEONE to go to. Someone to count on. Regardless of who that is.

I am sure that in each and every single one of your families there is that one person who you don’t get along with. Don’t agree with. This is ok. I hate the fact that people think just because you are related to someone by blood means you are related to them by soul and heart. So many young people struggle with loneliness because their parents are against them or against what they do and this is not ok. Parents and family members, in general, can be wrong. Please don’t turn round to your family and be disrespectful, you should always set an example in yourself regardless of how others act. I’m just saying, just because someone has age on you or someone has experience on you doesn’t mean that they have KNOWLEDGE on you.

Another thing is, although parents and family members like to have a say in obviously how you are and what you do it doesn’t mean that they KNOW what you should do. If you enjoy something and wish to pursue it then you should have ultimate control over what it is you do. Your body, mind and soul, your choice. Saying this, it is common that parents/family members are only trying to help which is, of course, supportive and fine. But if at any point you feel trodden on or uncomfortable then you can remove yourself from that situation, let them know you’re hurt and just take yourself for a breather.

My mother and my stepdad (Dad) are both my best friends and they’re both so open-minded, intelligent and understanding that I can have different opinions to them and still get on with them like a house on fire. My mom knows me better than I know myself which is such a great thing because often I don’t know what I need or want, in which case she is ALWAYS there. My stepdad who I call my dad is levelled, balanced and honest. he has crossed thousands of miles for me in order to keep me safe. No time is too late at night or too early in the morning for him. Nothing is too much. It is often that I feel like I have a dad because of him and I am proud that he is mine.

Equally, all three of us can be worst enemies but I feel as though I am a lucky one in the respect that this isn’t very often. It is important to know that if you do not have a solid support network at home that you can find it in wonderful friends and extended family members. You can’t always be everyone’s cup of tea but you might just be someones shot of whisky. remember that you need to put yourself first. be selfish. You know you. You can count on you. Be confident within yourself to have the courage to stand by your own convictions (that’s one of my step-dads (dads) lines).

and if you haven’t heard it in a while? I am PROUD of you.

If you ever need a family unit then my house is always open, we are crazy and cool but you’re all welcome and we would LOVE to have you.

All my Love, S x

‘Juliet’ By S.Fox, written in 2017.

Hello Darlings,

Well as you may already know. I’ve been a keen poetry writer now for about 5 years. I’ve never really shared my poetry. But it’s important that I do. It might inspire. It might assist. It might entertain. So, here you have it. Written in 2017 – this is “Juliet”, see what you think? Let me know, do you understand it?

Copyright to Pinterest. I do not own this image.

Let me tell you

Because I doubt anyone else will

Do you want to know, it doesn’t matter

You’re going to be told

If you know me, you’d call me a hypocrite

If you don’t, lucky you

I am a girl

And I am pretty honest

Nails, hair, body shape, hourglass

Opinion, irrelevant, muted, reserve

Periods, babies, motherhood, change

Ruled, overridden, forgotten, misunderstood

Lower wage, I think not monsieur

Paying for sanitary items, I’ll steal them

Thank-you, kind sir

Abortions illegal, excuse me mister

Our tolerance for injustice is harrowing

For real you’re telling me your husband

Won’t commit infidelity because he said to you

… its forever

And you’ll apologise, because you’re in the wrong

But he laid with another

And instead of petrol bombing his car

You’ll make him dinner

Ive watched it, I’ve lived it

Ive played poor Juliet, she was nice but i had to kill her

What good is a girl who thinks she’s a doll

What goods a girl at all

I am no girl, got you though – didn’t i

I’m a constellation, a goddess, the queen and

The king

I’m crushed and I’m crumbles

But i am never finished, not until

I’m done.

Love, S x

About modelling.

Hello Darlings,

So many of you guys question me on the jobs I do. I actually have quite a few in all honesty: I am training to be a legal executive/lawyer, I am a pageant girl, I am a catwalk and promotional model. I also do a lot of other things that bring in money but I wouldn’t really class them as ‘jobs’. However, earning honest money by working hard isn’t always easy. I’m going to tell you a little bit about my modelling so you guys can decide (if you get the opportunity) if this is for you or not.

Firstly, you need money to make money initially. Big companies sometimes want you to spend horrible amounts of money on clothes before you actually start working for them as a model. If you do this you’ll never become a model because companies will learn they can get money from you without giving you anything in return apart from the items you’ve brought. This is NOT modelling. You don’t pay a company to model THEIR clothes. They pay you. you’re not a model if you do this. So don’t be lulled into a false sense of fame because these companies are USING you and that’s what you have to look out for.

I personally love being a model because its very suited to me in the respect that i know what people want, I know what looks good and i know what sells and i think this is what makes me a success in the modelling industry. Also, right now i am at the very lowest rung if you like on the ladder, I’m at the bottom of the food chain almost which is a very exciting place to be because youre new and fresh and companies are hunting for you. Don’t think just because youre not big and famous yet that you would be a success. Its the little triumphs that matter.

You need to find what suits you. I dont think i have ever followed conventional trends in my entire life. I was voted the ‘best dressed female’ in the good old school days because of this. I was unique and slightly odd and people like that. What im saying is you dont need to be a conventional model to be a success. You need to be yourself and if the industry is right at that time – things will come flying at you.

I wouldn’t go searching, i would never go searching to try and be a model. I allow others to come to me. I think if you go to loads of agencies and pay ridiculous amounts of money thst youre not really a model. You have to be picked. Scouted. Found. Someone has to see you for who you are and not how much money you’re willing to pay. I think this is important as so many girls are trying to become models when in reality its the life they think they want but its not the like they actually want. Its a whole world of hurt if things dont go your way and its a gaurantee that most the time in actual fact they won’t. You have to be able to be picked apart and sewn back together again. This is why anyone younger than 18 should SERIOUSLY consider being a model.

I am 19 now and im only ‘rising’ (quote from the beautiful Lottie) but it is so much pressure to be in this game. Theres a constant battle with eating and the gym and not being picked for things and then being picked for too many things and realistically you just need to remeber not to take it so seriously. Good things come to those who wait.

If you have any questions or need to talk to someone who is extremely experienced in both failing and flying then please let me know.

Love, S x